Kerr County Bond
Propositions A, B, and C

Early Voting Begins October 24th, 2022

Focused, Responsible Solutions for Safety and Security

We live in a wonderful community! Our scenic hills and rivers are an oasis. The people are kind and willingly pitch in whenever someone is in need. There is a need in our community that has quietly grown to the point it can no longer be ignored. Three years ago Kerr County created a citizen committee to identify critical structural issues that must be addressed immediately and to propose focused, responsible solutions. 

Each of these bonds is an investment in our future as a county. We've kicked the can down the road long enough. It's time to step up and preserve the heritage we've inherited, and leave a legacy that will serve Kerr County for years to come. For about $8.62 a month for the average property owner - less than the price of lunch in Kerrville - we can meet these vital needs in our County. 


Early Voting October 24th - November 4th • Election Day November 8th


Get the deep-dive details about these vital updates to Kerr County facilities. We welcome you to review this complete project summary, with additional details about the needs and the solutions being proposed. This is a wise, focused, and much-needed bond package, that will result in long-term cost savings for Kerr County taxpayers .


Monday, Oct. 24th - Friday, Nov. 4th
8 AM - 6 PM

Hill Country Youth Event Center (Ag Barn)
3785 Highway 27, Kerrville

Ingram ISD Admin Building
510 College St, Ingram

PROPOSITION A: $13,685,000

Kerr County Courthouse Security
Courthouse Annex (Ingram)
County Records
Tax Office


Why is this necessary? 

An unfunded state mandate requires County Courts at Law to have a 14 person jury room - 12 jurors plus 2 alternates. The existing room is for an 8 person jury. The County Tax Office must relocate for this expansion. Additional space will be used for improved IT Office, Treasurer and storage. This remodel is NOT OPTIONAL.

The Courthouse was built in 1926 without modern security, technology, and communications systems in mind. Significant upgrades are needed for monitored security cameras, computerized access devices and entry points. Failure to make these improvements jeopardizes the safety of County employees and the public.

The West Kerr County Courthouse Annex (Ingram) has relocated from an inadequate space into a temporary location at an Ingram ISD building. This is a stopgap, not a solution. Ingram ISD will allow this arrangement for only 2-3 years until a new annex facility is available. An annex is required in this area to house the Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace and Constable.

Numerous record retention laws require volumes of physical items to be retained by the County. The Sheriff’s Office must preserve all evidence related to criminal cases. Any durable asset (chair, desk, table, etc.) purchased by the County cannot be quickly or easily disposed of even if broken. It’s easy to simply say “do better, be more organized,” and there are some improvements that can be made, but that wish does not solve this continually growing issue.

Clear Benefits for Kerr County: 

  • Improved safety and security for employees and courthouse visitors.

  • Provides more convenient public access to the Tax Office. A drive through payment option and closer parking further enhances this convenience.

  • Tax Office relocation moves most non-judicial traffic out of the Courthouse further enhancing the new safety measures.

  • Utilizing County owned property for the relocated Tax Office will provide a solution at half the cost of a new building. It will also be centrally located in downtown Kerrville only 1 block from the Courthouse. 

  • Compliance with laws, regulations and mandates. The County is required to meet the expectations set on them by State and Federal legislators. That is our system of government and is NOT OPTIONAL. Some mandates are even beneficial, such as meeting Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards that will give convenient access to County facilities for our whole community.

PROPOSITION B: $8,065,000

Hill Country Youth Event Center - Indoor Arena


Why is this necessary? 

  • No upgrades or improvements have been done since the facility was built nearly four decades ago... in 1983. 
  • The building does not meet code requirements, and it’s not even close. The frame is solid but decades of deferred maintenance has created serious safety issues for users (often children) and liability issues for the County (which will ultimately cost taxpayers).
  • Electrical system safety issues & non-functioning in areas
  • Roof leaks and needs replacement
  • Fire suppression system needed
  • Bathrooms needed
  • Current lighting is inadequate
  • Current ventilation is inadequate
  • Drainage issues
  • Insulation is deteriorated and needs replacement
  • The facility is missing many rental opportunities due to the current conditions. This results in missed economic activity for local businesses and lost tax revenue from non-county residents. These opportunities become available with needed repairs and installation of a concrete floor. 


Clear Benefits for Kerr County: 

  • Makes safe a building that is vital to the culture of our community as well as ensures continued use for area youth stock shows and other activities.

  • Mitigates expensive liability issues for the County that are likely to occur due to existing conditions. 

  • Allows the building to be fully utilized as an Emergency Management Center for Kerr County, Kerrville ISD and Center Point ISD. This is the designated command center and evacuation point during a disaster for the area. 

  • Bathrooms, kitchen facilities for greater usability and more flexibility

  • Investment in this building will create additional profit for the local community from visitors. An improved, safe building will add an estimated $2.5-5M per year as economic impact locally. It also adds sales tax revenue of $16,000 - $24,000 per year to the County that can be used to offset the project and facility operating costs.

PROPOSITION C: $5,750,000

Animal Services Facility


Why is this necessary? 

  • Current facility is deteriorating, undersized, and not purpose built. Construction materials used cannot be kept sanitary and employee office space is inadequate.

  • The requirements for a safe, sanitary, humane facility are not able to be met, despite efforts from the staff.

  • This facility lacks climate controlled storage to prevent food and medical supply spoilage. The current storage space for cages, traps, and department files is lacking.

  • The building is not ADA compliant for disabled citizens.


Clear Benefits for Kerr County: 

  • Creates a facility that is safer and more humane for the animals as well as for the staff and visitors.

  • Improved and safer public access to the building for the entire community, including those with disabilities.

  • Brings the Animal Services Facility into compliance with the governing regulations, as the County is required to do.

  • Relocating the building to a different county-owned property (on Spur 100) will allow the valuable 1.5 acres with highway frontage on Loop 534 to be sold. Proceeds from the sale can be used to offset the project cost.


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